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Custom Two Power for Reading Glasses?

Evonne (F/46) came in for an eye examination, with existing glasses she is seeing far fine, but she finds it difficult in doing her computer work as she mainly faces computer at work.

Upon examination, her power is:
R: -1.00/-0.75×20 (6/6)
L: -1.25/-0.50×180 (6/6)
Addition: +1.25 (N5@40cm)

We explained that her far power is almost the same as the existing glasses but now, she has reading power. As we enters our 40s, it is normal for everyone to have reading power. So, we explain all the options available to solve her blurry vision doing computer work. The options are:
1. To continue with existing pair for far vision & to get a separate pair of reading glasses of one power for computer & hp
2. To continue with existing pair for far vision & to get a separate pair of reading glasses of two power, one power for computer & another power for reading/hp
3. To make a pair of multifocal glasses, enable her from seeing far to seeing near clearly

Evonne has no complaint with her existing glasses, she has opted for a separate pair of two power for her near work. Desktop/computer is normally further away and reading/hp is usually held nearer. Because of the difference in viewing distance, the optimised power for both computer and the power optimised for hp is actually different. Optimised power means that you have a clear and also comfortable vision in viewing at different distances. Seeing computer needs lower reading power as it is further away from our eye, while looking at our hp needs higher reading power as it is nearer to our eyes. Higher reading power will help to focus seeing things upclose.

Reading power is indicated as Addition as shown above. Power for computer is indicated as Intermediate Addition. So, her Intermediate Addition is +0.50. With two powers for reading, she can see comfortably seeing computer and her hp. A pair of reading glasses of one power has only one power that can give you clear vision within a certain range of clear vision between your near material and your eyes. Some people may have a good range of clear vision that can give clear vision for both computer & hp, while others may not be able to see clear for both computer & near together, in which you may opt for two reading power optimised for computer & hp.

It all depends on your near lifestyle needs and the range of clear vision of your eyes with the reading power as well as what you expect from your glasses, what you want to use your glasses for.

Multifocal can solve your intermediate vision/computer too, we call multifocal as it has multi/three powers as in power for far, power for intermediate(computer) & power for near(hp). The power progressively changes from your far power to your intermediate power and to your reading power, thus sometimes we may call it progressive lenses too.

Evonne, happy to hear from you this morning that it’s clear?

Thank you Evonne & hubby Mr Khor for your trust & support!?